nothing else really matters


just chillin.

watching live action as though it were tv.
waving his feet back and forth in their toasty booties
under the thin yet warm blanket.
wiry eyebrows raised.
half grin on his face.
nodding off here and there as he lies because
at 82 and 11 months and 340 days
he's seen all 7 continents
lost a beloved ex wife
and a child
lived a full career
and has loved ones all around him
nothing else really matters.
eyes opening and ears perking up to 
conversations that his mind enters
constructing stories 
and stand-up jokes
in his ages old head
scarred like Frankenstein
once stapled ear to ear
—to hold his brains in—
he might say
"high risk" we call him
from winters ago when
his heart was found to
need a desperate re-wiring
and then
winters in between when
his brain leaked blood into his skull
they must have mini-hoovered it out
3 surgeries later
the metal plates are no longer precariously placed
his memory isn't the greatest
but he can hold his attention long enough
to compliment Biden's exceeding of expectations in week 
so it's winter again and
i imagine him
under the fluorescent lights.
after a snowy ride to the 
emergency room.
shutting his eyes sleepily as they scan and re-scan 
his brain
and heart
for any malfunction
which may have led to
his recent
as she says
yep, he's chillin.

must be.
N-95'ed but
enjoying the flit of the nurses
and doctor
who let him borrow his cell phone 
to call home
in these dire days of 

wiry eyebrows raised.
half grin on his face. 
nothing else really matters.

4 thoughts on “nothing else really matters

  1. What a portrait of this man! I loved it. I love the pacing of the poem, how more is revealed about his life and how he’s a survivor. I love how he was impressed by Biden’s first week. I loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So beautiful and poignant! Love the repetition of “chilin’ ” Hopefully, his ease with his situation imparts a little of this same feeling to you, though this is a very difficult to be apart from our loved ones when they are hospitalized. I really liked, “mid-topic
    constructing stories”
    This reminded me of my father, in his last years.

    Liked by 1 person

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