Voice of the Untethered

silver tape

I always think I’m steeled against the world, then one little thing cracks me in half. I can’t look at the TV. Well, the news, specifically. I don’t want to make myself relive the emotions of last May when the world learned the name of George Floyd. I don’t want to put myself through itContinue reading “silver tape”

rendez-vous with race 4

I had reserved the two front pages of my high school 1992 graduating yearbook for Chris. He did not disappoint. Etched in blue Bic ballpoint and in our memories forever (or so we believe) are the inscriptions and drawings of the gems that our teenage minds thought were hilarious. These included words from our ownContinue reading “rendez-vous with race 4”


I fell into the trap. They tell you to wear blue light glasses at night. They tell you not to look at your phone first thing in the morning. They tell you to not derive your self-esteem from your online presence. They give all sorts of advice about how to sleep better and how toContinue reading “trap”

rendez-vous with race 3

Martin Anderson and Brian Nudelman (Noo-DEL-man for anyone at my middle school in 1987 who dared to pronounce it noodleman) were inseparable. Brian was a tall, lanky, and skinny with a large head which hung over his pencil body that had not yet undergone puberty of any serious kind. When he walked, it seemed hisContinue reading “rendez-vous with race 3”


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